Essential Oils DIFFUSER NEBULIZER - Black, Portable, Car, Office, Yoga, Quiet, Cordless..


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Bring your favourite scents everywhere with you – Car Driving, Office...

Luxury battery operated Portable Aroma Diffuser Waterless pure essential oil nebulizing diffuser for Car,Outdoor,Yoga. All the appearance parts of the whole body aluminum alloy.

No Heat No Water. Portable Essential Oil Cold Air Nebulizing Diffuser With Battery.

Compatible with our essential oils bottles 5ml, 10ml, 15ml.

Perfect for times when life gets stressful, our compact Best Natures Aroma Diffuser helps you achieve clarity and a calmer mind. The ideal companion in your car. Stay calm and focused. For long distance drivers, truck drivers.

Also it can be used in the office, plugged directly into your computer via a USB cable and brings wellness into your workspace or home office by dispensing clear, refreshed air and the mood-boosting benefits of essential oils.

Patented Waterless Nebulizing Technology: Experience the full potential of pure essential oils with our patented nebulizing design. This advanced technology atomizes essential oils without heat or water, preserving their composition and saving you the hassle of cleaning a water tank. Enjoy the true essence of each essential oil molecule as it diffuses its captivating fragrance.

Waterless Nebulizing Diffusers for Essential Oils Large Room, No Water, Super Quiet, Cordless, Portable, Battery Operated for Living Room Office Home Car.

Professional Grade Nebulizing Diffuser for Essential Oils. Without diluing your scents, and avoid the problem when use devices with water. No more cleaning the water tank! kids, parents, and pets could be comfortable to use.

OIL ATOMIZED VOLUME: 0.15ml/H under first mode, for example using 4 hours a day, a 10ml can be used about 15 days.

MIST SPRAY TIME: Right rotation: weak gear 60s-on/120s-off, strong gear 120s-on/60s-off . Left rotation: weak gear: 30s-on/150s-off, strong gear 30s-on/150s-off, after 1h: 5s-on/295s-off TIMER: 2h, 4h, 8h, continuous.

1.Venturi nebulizing technology,different from ultrasonic humidification atomization;
2.Built-in 2600mAh lithium battery,different from the plug-in use; 3.The nozzle has no fixed orientation, convenient to replace essential oil or cleaning nozzle;
4.All the appearance parts of the whole body aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy parts after 12 precision process production;
5.Full-body breathing night lamp;
6.Suitable for a variety of essential oils.

🌿NATURAL SKIN & HAIR CARE, NO COMPROMISES. 100% NATURAL, VEGAN & KIND TO ANIMALS. FREE FROM FRAGRANCE, MINERAL OILS AND ANIMAL DERIVED INGREDIENTS. Be kind to yourself by starting with better choice in skin care. We offer highest quality oils, which provides unparalleled moisture and healing properties for your face, body and hairs.

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