COCO BATANA Conditioner - hair growth, strengthens hair, restoring vitality to dry and damaged hairs, reduce hair loss...



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Beautiful & Authentic entirely with natural ingredients from the tropical rain forests of La Moskitia, Honduras!

Coco Batana is pure as pure can be. Made from native organic materials. Free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, colour enhancers or fragrances.

Coco Batana Conditioner is your ally to have healthy, problem-free hair. With its special formula, it prevents hair loss and effectively eliminates dandruff. Enjoy strong and hydrated hair with Coco Batana.

INGREDIENTS: All natural conditioner base, Batana Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E

USAGE: Dispense one or two pumps of conditioner into the palm of your hand. Wash your hair as usual. For optimal results, consider using Best Natures Hair Rescue Shampoo.

This conditioner was carefully crafted to address detoxification of the hair and scalp while adding minerals, nutrients, & vitamins to the hair follicles and scalp. Origin: La Moskita, Honduras

🌿NATURAL SKIN & HAIR CARE, NO COMPROMISES. 100% NATURAL, VEGAN & KIND TO ANIMALS. FREE FROM FRAGRANCE, MINERAL OILS AND ANIMAL DERIVED INGREDIENTS. Be kind to yourself by starting with better choice in skin care. We offer highest quality oils, which provides unparalleled moisture and healing properties for your face, body and hairs.

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