Facial Cleansers

Proper cleansing is key to achieve younger looking healthier skin.

No matter what products you may use, they can leave a film of your skin or layers of imbedded residue from product ingredients, even after normal cleansing. Harmful ingredients are used to keep the product together and to stabilize the ingredients so the products looks and stay consistent when used. Even though we use small amounts of these ingredients in our skin care products, they can still lead to a build up & block the delivery of key vitamins & nutrients into the inner skin. These emulsifiers, oils, stabilizers, other non-nutrient binders, have no importance in improving your skin's look nor your skin's health. They just make the product look better, create better product consistency and make them easier to apply. Therefore, we do not recommend any bar soaps or cleansers with oils, because they contain high amounts of such ingredients.

Many customers complain of dry skin … and in many cases this is due to a build up of the nonessential, non-nutrient ingredients (including products with SPF ingredients) that do not come off easily with normal cleansing. When you think you are feeling dry skin, you are actually feeling the residue of these ingredients on the outer layer of the skin … that remains even after washing. Therefore we highly recommend using the Grape Seed Foaming Face Polish several times per week to guarantee that all of this build up comes off.

All of our cleansing products paraben free, gluten free, SLS free. Made with an all natural preservative.

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