Secret of choosing the right oil...

Once upon a time, skin care was simple. Ancient times beauty Queen Cleopatra has been known to use natural and organic sources such as flowers and plant extracts for her skin and beauty routine.

Ancient civilization people did not use all the harsh chemical products that are prevalent today in our skin care products. They used natural products which gifted them with the most beautiful skin.

So we believe, to look young and beautiful, we need two things - proper nutritional food for the body and optimal nutrition for skin care.

The path to beautiful skin begins with natural cleansing and moisturizing. Plant oils and butters are easily absorbed and nourishing to your skin. No synthetic fragrances, no chemical preservatives, and just wholesome natural and organic ingredients you can trust.

Massaging the face and/or body with plant oils everyday is a great way to keep your skin healthy glowing or cure blemishes, dry skin naturally. The oil helps to lock moisture in your pores, meanwhile protecting it from any environmental triggers like pollution, cold weather or excess use of make-up.

Remember that the secret is choosing the right oils with the right balance of fatty acids. Avoiding oils or using constantly oil-free products can cause you problems like an imbalance on skin sebum and also, depriving the skin of so needed essential nutrients.

Happens that the sebum of people with oily to very oily skin types is high in oleic acid, and as noted above, this can be a problem.

Why oils are necessary? When treating acne, usually people layer many drying and irritating products and moisturizing is needed. Instead of choosing any regular moisturizer, would be a better choice an oil high in linoleic acid to avoid overdrying and to balance skin sebum. Oils are also healthier and cheaper than any other moisturizer and feed the skin with very needed essential nutrients and antioxidants. Also, the oils high in linoleic acid are often the so called "dry oils", which are known to be very light, fast-absorbing and non-comedogenic.

Hemp Seed Oil is extremelly rich in Linoleic acid : Oleic Acid - 10.71%, Linoleic Acid - 56.48%. It's incredibly softening and moisturizing.

Evening Primrose Oil: Oleic Acid - 7.0%, Linoleic Acid - 74.2%. Very good for people with very oily and clogging-prone skin types.

Wheat Germ Oil: Oleic Acid - 12.1%, Linoleic Acid - 58.4%. Not suitable for people with gluten allergies.

Pomegranate Seed Oil: Oleic Acid - 6.2%, Linoleic Acid - 7.1%. The fatty acids balance is more suitable for a person with combination/oily skin type, this particular oil is really high in Punicic Acid, which is mostly found in pomegranates. Punicic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid or omega-5 fatty acid which is highly antioxidant and skin regenerating and used during the day can control UVA and UVB damage. You can mix it with hemp oil for use as a day moisturizer.

Also you can always contact our consultants that are always glad to provide you with full information about our oils and natural products that are most suitable for your skin!

Our goal is to satisfy all our clients with a highest quality, natural, effective alternatives to conventional beauty products.

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